Rukka Materialer og teknologi

Premium technologies

Together with our premium technology partners, we are able to deliver products with unrivalled quality and attention to detail.

Durably waterproof and highly breathable, GORE-TEX membranes are the golden standard in all-weather comfort. All of our waterproof textile suits are made with GORE-TEX product technology. GORE-TEX fabrics and product technologies are also used in our windproof accessories and waterproof gloves.
D3O® products provide the most advanced protection against impacts. Soft and flexible in regular use but hardening instantaneously upon impact, the unique D3O® materials are unparalleled in comfort. Rukka motorcycling outfits incorporate generic D3O® impact protectors as well as exclusive Rukka D3O® Air protectors developed in cooperation with D3O®.
The next-generation Rukka D3O® Air XTR protectors offer a market-leading combination of defence and comfort through the use of a new more breathable D3O® material composition developed specially for Rukka, with a unique ergonomic design and highly ventilated geometry to increase airflow while riding.
Our top-end laminated suits boast ARMACOR™ material for reinforcement in areas subject to impacts and abrasion. The superbly durable ARMACOR™ material is used as the outer layer of a GORE-TEX Pro 3-layer laminate and consists of a patented weave of CORDURA® polyamide fibres and Kevlar® aramid fibres with an outstanding resistance to tearing, heat and abrasion.
Corium+® Platinum leather is a unique material which allows Rukka to combine the feel of leather with the functionality of laminated textile suits. The soft aniline leather outer layer is abrasion-resistant, flexible and perforated throughout to allow moisture to escape. A breathable waterproof membrane bonded between the leather and a knitted lining ensures durable waterproofness.
In extreme temperatures, both passive ventilation and conventional thermal insulation come up against their limits. In order to offer motorcyclists maximum comfort on the bike even on especially cold and unusually hot days, Rukka has developed and patented a new technology in collaboration with MATGroup: M-CLIMA®. It allows to actively cool or heat the wearer as needed.

Material technologies

Each material chosen for Rukka motorcycle equipment serves a function, increasing safety, comfort or both

CORDURA® is a yarn made out of 100% polyamide fibres, it is available in many different fibre strengths and has much higher abrasion resistance than regular nylon. Rukka only employs CORDURA® fabrics with a minimum fibre strength of at least 500 deniers, raising safety standards to a very high level.
CORDURA® AFT (air flow technology) mesh was developed by Rukka in collaboration with DuPont for enhanced riding comfort in hot climates. CORDURA® AFT is knitted to form a mesh structure, resulting in a fabric whose air permeability is 1.8 times higher than that of regular woven CORDURA®.
A development of CORDURA® AFT, AFT+ pushes the boundaries of air permeability in protective motorcycling apparel. The breathable mesh structure of this material is nevertheless highly resistant to wear and tear.
COOLMAX® technology makes you stay dry and comfortable through proprietary four-channel fibres. COOLMAX® materials are incorporated into some of our base layer options and accessories.
Outlast® thermo-regulation works as a thermal shock absorber by slowing the rate of temperature change within a wearer’s personal microclimate. Outlast® reduces the rate at which a person will overheat or get cold, and is used as a lining in outerwear as well as in base and mid layer items
The schoeller®-keprotec® protective fabric made of a combination of polyamide and aramid fibres is characterised by an extremely high degree of abrasion resistance. We use it as a reinforcement material in areas like the seat of the trousers, where it forms an integral part of the Rukka Antiglide System.
3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material enhances your safety at night and in low visibility situations, creating an extremely bright image by returning light back to the light source - for example, vehicle headlights.
YKK® zippers are reliable and secure, manufactured to strict quality standards.

Thermal insulation

Staying warm is a top priority when riding in varying conditions. Our insulating base and mid layers, thermal liners and cold-weather gloves benefit from several insulation technologies.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin. It helps trap body heat while allowing moisture to escape. This material is most often used in cold-weather gloves as it allows warmth with minimal bulk.

Down is nature’s own high-tech insulator that is capable of trapping enormous amounts of heat in relation to its weight. Down-insulated garments are generally much lighter and can be packed into a smaller volume than an equally warm garment with synthetic insulation.
Merino wool is a breathable, moisture-transferring material that effectively regulates body temperature in both cold and warm temperatures. The material is naturally antibacterial, making it resistant to odours and stains and enabling it to retain a fresh feeling for longer.

Details and special features

The devil is in the details, which is why we make sure to include all the necessary extras to keep you riding safely and comfortably.

The Rukka ATS collar is an integrated protective GORE-TEX stretch collar, which can be stowed away in its pocket when not in use.
The Rukka Air Cushion System integrated into the seat of trousers acts as a climate buffer and helps reduce condensation, increasing comfort on longer rides.
The Rukka Antiglide System prevents sliding on the seat, keeping you firmly positioned and in control of your bike.
Touchscreen fingertips enable you to operate navigation devices, smartphones or other devices with capacitive touchscreens without having to take off your gloves.

Material properties

Keep an eye on the properties of different materials to find the one that suits your tastes and needs.

Seamless knitting technology allows base layers to fit like a second skin without bulky irritating seams, which leads to higher comfort and more efficient moisture management.
D3O® products provide the most advanced protection against impacts. Soft and flexible in regular use but hardening instantaneously upon impact, the unique D3O® materials are unparalleled in comfort. Rukka motorcycling outfits incorporate generic D3O® impact protectors as well as exclusive Rukka D3O® Air protectors developed in cooperation with D3O®.
Materials labelled as thermal are warm, lightweight and quick to dry.
Windproof materials provide optimal wind protection and help prevent heat loss. Waterproof outer layers are always considered windproof as well, but non-waterproof suits can be easily augmented with windproof mid or base layers to keep the chill away.
No animal-based materials, such as leather, wool or silk, are used in products labelled as vegan. Apart from easily identifiable leather riding suits, leather gloves and merino products, the vast majority of our collection is considered vegan.
Stretch materials provide increased comfort and freedom of movement. Usually, stretch panels are added to critical areas where they are needed most, but our collection also includes products that are elastic throughout.
Softshell fabrics are seen as a more versatile and comfortable alternative to “hard” waterproof shells. Softshell shields from wind and light moisture while maintaining higher elasticity and breathability. While not suitable for waterproof outer layers, softshell is an excellent choice for windproof midlayers.
A favourite of many riders especially in urban environments, leather provides that unmistakable riding feeling. Our leather riding suits and accessories are made with high-quality motorcycle-grade leather with excellent abrasion-resistance and comfort.